Our roots go way back to 1887 when my great-grandfather, Wilhelm Koreska, founded the company Koreska in Vienna. He always insisted on two factors; quality and reliability. Today, these values still remain and are guaranteed by the Kores brand.

The reason why the quality of our products is so important is largely economic. The products must perform perfectly as quality has been vital to our success for nearly 125 years, with our aim being to build up and keep customer loyalty.

This brings us to other quality factors such as cleanliness and ease of use. As consumers' incomes rise, they begin to prefer products which are clean, easy to handle and which improve their performance. Moreover, our products should meet our clients' and consumers' emotional expectations, which we want to fulfil using our excellent designs and functions.

Finally, reliability and excellent service are as important as excellent quality, which is continually improved by our R&D Department and proven by EN 71 and  ISO certifications 9001 and 14001.

We work closely with our suppliers and clients so that our products live up to customer expectations, if not surpass them.

Clemens Koreska

Kores Group President

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