Company Profile

Kores is a family owned producer and innovator of office and school products. Our company was established in 1887 and ever since we have been producing, marketing and selling Kores brand products all over the world. After being founded by Wilhelm Koreska, 4 successive generations of Koreskas have run the company.

We have our headquarters in Vienna, Austria and 2 principle factories in Mexico and the Czech Republic. Kores logistics services operate from Mexico City, Shanghai and Vienna.


Head offices and divisions of the Kores:

  • Kores GmbH (Vienna) - Headquarter
  • Kores Europe s.r.o. -  Europe, Russia & CIS, Middle East, Africa, China, Asia Pacific & South America
  • Kores Germany (Rommerskirchen)
  • Kores Mexico (Mexico City) - North & Central America, Caribbean
  • Kores Venezuela
  • Kores Colombia
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