Kores Coach App

Kores Coach is a free learn-to-write and drawing application. It was designed specially for children who make their first writing and drawing experiences. Our young artists can be creative and let their imagination fly with the blank drawing canvas. Their works of art may be saved and printed using special features included into the app.

Bringing joy to children is the biggest pleasure for Kores. That is why we combined important educational content with great fun.

The Kores Coach takes children on an amusing journey through the magic forest. The lively Kores Kastor welcomes small explorers and accompanies them through the forest. Together they can visit his House and practice to write block letters, numerals and shapes. Walking up the riverside leads them to a big oak, where they can discover drawing canvas and many bright colours to create pictures from scratch. At the next stop near the bridge Kores Kastor will show his collection of ready-made stencils that are great to use for colouring.

The App is great to use with new Kores stylus pen Digi Coach. It is a Jumbo touch pen for smart phones and tablets. The ergonomic triangular shape provides precise application and better grip.

The Kores Coach App for PCs tablets and smartphones is available for iOS and Android:

The App offers different Kores writing and drawing products. Just as real Kores products, digital brushes provide versatile structures and bright colours:

Let the journey begin and explore a playful way to teach kids writing and drawing!



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